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I acknowledge that investment in Fortress projects is offered by Building and Development Mortgages Canada (BDMC), License #10102.

I agree to the terms

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A licensed mortgage agent from one of these brokerages can help you become a lender to a development project.

Syndicate Mortgages

  • Targeted returns above 8%
  • Terms range from 2 - 5 years
  • $30,000 minimum investment
  • RSP, LIRA, LIF, RIF, RESP & TFSA eligible
  • Secured by a charge against the subject property
  • Third party appraisals and opinions
  • Potential deferred lender fee at the end of term
  • Choice of borrower, project and market

What We Can Offer


The confidence of collateral

We offer real collateral in the form of a direct charge against real estate, a feature unique to syndicate mortgages. Other measures taken to instil confidence to lenders is to include interest reserves to ensure funds are paid out at proper intervals and to have high-rise projects bonded and insured to protect investors from cost over-runs.

Defined Terms

The terms of your deal outlined upfront

Every project has a mortgage contract that outlines ever aspect of your investment. When will the mortgage mature? How often will interest payments be made? What is the interest rate? Can the term of the mortgage be extended? How do I participate in profit sharing? This is all outlined in a mortgage contract.

Trusted Partners

Decades of experience to the table

Each project has been carefully scrutinized and evaluated to make sure it meets Fortress' requirements. Before any project is presented to investors it is analysed with the most current market research and trends and evaluated by cost consultants, engineers, and law firms with a specialty in real estate.


Pick the project that makes sense to you

As a syndicate mortgage lender you are not loaning through a blind pool or a fund. You can review and select the project of your choice. It could be high-rise or low-rise, residential or commercial. With more than 25 different development partners and projects in more than 20 cities you’ll be able to find a project that suits you and your investment objectives. Eligible to be held in your RSP, LIRA, RIF, LIF, RESP and TFSA accounts.

How to participate in a syndicate mortgage

A syndicate mortgage is where several investors combine funds together to create one mortgage. This is facilitated by a licensed mortgage brokerage and its agents. If you are interested in the fixed terms, defined horizons and the unique security of collateral only available on a mortgage contact a mortgage broker.

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