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I acknowledge that investment in Fortress projects is offered by Building and Development Mortgages Canada (BDMC), License #10102.

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About Us

Building and Development Mortgages Canada (BDMC) is the leading mortgage brokerage specializing in Syndicate Mortgages for real estate development projects in Canada.

What We Do

Traditional banks make substantial profits lending money to homeowners in the form of a mortgage. We take that same concept, but make you the lender, and builders and developers the borrowers. Previously, only high net worth individuals and investment funds had access to these opportunities, but BDMC makes it possible for retail investors to lend their money to large and small developers to fund their projects. Through syndicate mortgages offered by BDMC, you can invest directly in Canadian real estate development and construction.

Why Invest In Syndicate Mortgages?

Through BDMC you invest directly in development projects like condominium apartments, single-family residential developments, office towers, and commercial buildings by lending directly to the project of your choice. Unlike other real estate investments, you don’t receive shares or units that can change in value. Instead your principal is secured against the property/land while you enjoy steady interest on your funds, plus there is potential for profit participation at the end of your term.

How Do I get started?

You can learn more about investing in syndicate mortgages on our syndicate mortgages page. When you are ready to get started you can contact a broker . These brokerages all offer free seminars where you can learn more about becoming a mortgage lender. A licensed mortgage agent can explain the finer details of investing through syndicate mortgages.

Building & Development Mortgages Canada (BDMC) is a licensed mortgage broker (license #10102, Admin license 12304).

Every province in Canada has different rules and regulations governing syndicate mortgages. By using this website you acknowledge acceptance of your local regulations, which we invite you to learn more about. Read the full mandatory disclaimer statement.

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