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I acknowledge that investment in Fortress projects is offered by Building and Development Mortgages Canada (BDMC), License #10102.

I agree to the terms

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A licensed mortgage agent from one of these brokerages can help you become a lender to a development project.

Real Security, Real ReturnsTM

Building & Development Mortgages Canada Inc. is the simple and reliable way to invest in real estate.

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Syndicate mortgages that fund development projects

Syndicate mortgages allow you to invest directly into the Canadian real estate market by becoming a mortgage lender, offering Real Security and Real Returns™. This type of investment offers you:

Real security

Collateral in the form of a direct charge against real estate.

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Defined Terms

You know exactly when you'll receive interest payments.

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Trusted partners

Developers and builders with decades of knowledge and experience.

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Real Security

Your principal amount is secured against the subject property as a mortgage.

Several investors combine funds together to create one mortgage instrument and the investment moves as one funding, with each investor individually registered and secured proportionally.

Fixed terms with defined horizons and the unique security of collateral only available on a mortgage. Investing that makes sense.